The W&B JR5 gluing kit represents innovation and quality while being a competitive solution for manual and semi-automatic application of thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives in multiple industries. It’s available in different configurations and able to satisfy many gluing needs. The W&B JR5 kit is a single pre-assembled solution that enables a quick and easy installation, allowing the operator to work in safety and optimize application timings without unnecessary waste of time due to its ease of use, outstanding reliability and reduced maintenance costs.


  • Power supply 230V single phase and or 400V three phases
  • Ball valve for quick glue release
  • AC motor inverter controlled
  • Gear pump with variable speed
  • AUTO-OFF-MANUAL pump operation mode
  • By-pass valve flow control and quick release pressure valve
  • 5 kg tank capacity
  • User interface with 4,3” color Touch Screen display
  • Innovative programming through icons’ menu
  • Sequential heating tank-hose-gun
  • Management of 2 independent channels
  • Standard functions: Economy, Clock, Weekly Program, Maximum Temperature Alarm.

Technical Outlines


  • Especially designed for use in manual applications
  • New corrugated cover, which resists wearing and abrasion
  • Aramid fiber insulation that increases and improves thermal efficiency
  • High flexible version with reduced external diameter

Technical Outlines


  • Ergonomic design and reduced weight
  • Electric components and glue flow directions placed inside the gun body and not inside the handle, in order to avoid overheating of the handle itself
  • Complete flexible usage thanks to the 360° rotating connection and to the lack of any external electro-pneumatic wires
  • Activation of the gear pump through wireless-switch mode
  • More than 70% reduction of the maintenance time, thanks to the module equipped with interchangeable cartridge system
  • Lever with progressive drive and manual lock for preventing any unintentional adhesive release
  • Wide range of nozzles available for bead or spray guns
  • Activation of spray air through an innovative double stroke lever that excludes the use of external components and wirings

Bead Guns Technical Outlines

Spray Guns Technical Outlines


To complete the installation, there are available a wide range of accessories and the possibility of “Private Label” execution.
  • Support stand with wheels
  • Single or double gun holder
  • Spiral wire support balancer for hose suspension

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